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  • Jigsaw puzzle game for Pc and Mac. Challenge Relax and Fun

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    Jigsaw Puzzle Highlights

    • The jigsaw puzzles can be played with as many pieces as you want. Handle comfortably hundreds, or if you dare, more than one thousand pieces.
    • Different cuts of pieces, each with its own challenge and beauty.
    • Create new jigsaw puzzles with your photos with no limit.
    • Advanced features for the hardest puzzles:
      • Trays to store and organize pieces temporarily.
      • Move simultaneously groups of pieces.
      • Work first the pieces of the edge only.
      • Resize the puzzle and pieces "on the fly."
      • It even has a realistic magnifying glass to inspect the pieces.
    • Leave and resume your puzzle whenever you want, the program takes care of saving the state
    • Create gift puzzles of your photos and share them with family, friends and the World.
    • Play comfortably and safely at home, doesn't matter if you are offline or online. Neither cats, dogs nor babies will spill the pieces of your puzzles! :-)

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